Brunner Group Events for 2022

SPRING (PAST) - Real Estate Investment Master Class

Are you looking for guidance to get started in Real Estate investing? Would you like to learn creative strategies to acquire properties that many people are unaware to leverage? Discover the smartest ways to purchase your first, or next-income property from industry expert Eric Brewer. He'll offer actionable strategies and advice on how to make this your best move for 2022 and beyond.

Since 2006, as a real estate investor, Eric Brewer has done over 3000 residential real estate deals in Pennsylvania and Maryland. His experience covers, purchase, renovation, direct to seller marketing, Novation’s, turnkey rentals, property management, and wholesale. Currently, owner of Integrity First Home Buyers, which does nearly 350 deals per year, and is comprised of 40+ members of the staff, including a COO and full executive leadership team.

March 26, 2022 (9am-11am) EVENT OVER
5139 Main St. East Petersburg, PA 17520

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